Autumn 2017

This Autumn has been wonderfully busy with a successful 2nd Goldsmiths’ Fair behind me and some new stockists exhibiting my work in the run up to Christmas. For all current stockists please visit my Stockists page.

Next week I will be taking part in MADE Brighton at St Bartholomews Church, a wonderful venue in the centre of Brighton, 25th November, 1 day only.

I am really pleased with the response to my work up in Settle, Yorkshire, where Emily has been promoting and selling my work at a rate I can only just keep up with! Visit her beautifully curated Gallery Studio Vault if you are in the area, she has some stunning work from an array of Designer Makers.

If further North still then Roger Billcliffe Gallery are showing work for the first time up in Glasgow. I am particularly pleased about this as it is the first time my work will be shown in Scotland, being half Scottish myself I feel it is well due and am thrilled at the opportunity to do so in this lovely gallery that promotes Fine and Applied Arts.

Gill Wing are currently showing a collection in their Jewellery Gallery on Upper Street, they have a selection of statement necklaces, rings and earrings with rich gemstones.

I will also be updating images on the rest of the site with new work, if you have any queries in the run up to Christmas do get in touch!

January 2017

I am back in the workshop after a fantastic trip to Cambodia, part holiday, part inspirational research! The first thing I wanted to do was to get the new Website up and live. The new site features a Shop section where select pieces are available to order with just a click, while also featuring more of the Angles & Curls collection throughout the site that can be ordered by contacting me.

Also new is the Stockist list. In 2016 I expanded my wholesale side of the business, meaning my work is now available at a number of shops and galleries around the UK.

I look forward to connecting with more people through the new site and will add new work as it is finished, so keep it in your bookmarks!

Happy New Year!