COVID-19 – Taking measures

And suddenly it was June 2020!

I hope everyone is keeping well out there. The pandemic that made its way over to us earlier this year has had an effect on everybody. I am no exception! I was looking forward to moving in to a new studio in May, now postponed until September. In the mean time I made a hasty retreat to Norwich to stay with family as my London digs weren’t up to the task of keeping me safe and useful to my loved ones!

So here I am in Norwich, having had to make a new plan every few weeks in response to changing restrictions, personal circumstances etc. I’m really enjoying my time here, trying to make the most of a break from the norm. I’ve been learning to take my own photographs, and after some technical hitches I am beginning to upload the results to my Webshop.

With so many highstreet businesses having to close it has been more important than ever for me to get to grips with selling online. And with this I am working out ways to ensure online orders are sent out safely. I am cleaning everything thoroughly and wearing gloves when packing work for shipment.

Thank you for your support at this time! Whether it is purchasing, following me on social media or telling a friend, it is so appreciated and a real lifeline at a time when normal income channels have taken a hit.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’m working from home, commissions can still be made, designs discussed.

Look out for Gift Vouchers, coming soon!

Stay safe,

Ellen x

Turquoise Twice Curled Earrings available through my webshop.