Ellen moves to Cockpit Arts Studios!

As Autumn approaches I have finally moved my studio in to the business hub of Cockpit Arts, Holborn, London. A move that was meant to happen in May this year, like everyone else my plans were put on hold due to the pandemic that hit this spring.

I rolled with the punches and took the opportunity to base myself in Norfolk with family, where I was able to continue working and running the business through lockdown. This was in a reduced capacity, and while things were on hold I spent my time learning and working on skills I need within my work that get put to the bottom of the list in usual circumstances! These include photography – now I don’t claim to be any expert, but I think I’m now at a point where I can take images for the website myself. In a world that is increasingly going online this is invaluable and I look forward to sharing more of my work here on the website with you more regularly. I hasten to add that professional photographs cannot be compared, so I will certainly still be using professionals when I need new images for press, applications and printed material!

I’ve been gradually getting my new space at Cockpit organised – a mammoth job as I bring my workshop and office together for the first time. I’ve had a busy month with workshops in Yorkshire (a whole other post due in a week or so!) and also with orders. I’ve got my bench functional and printer plugged in so can continue providing the usual service while working out exactly how I want the space to work. It’s like moving in to a new home – it takes ages to settle in properly! I’m so happy to finally be here.

I have five new studio mates who I will introduce over the next few months – some fantastic creative businesses and everyone has been so friendly and kind while I cause havoc as I move in! As well as the immediate studio sharers there are also some brilliant neighbours within Cockpit. None of us know what the next few months will bring. Usually there would be a fantastic Open Studio at the end of November, but we will have to wait to see if and how this will go. There are options of how we can bring our work to the visitors that would usually come and I know the Cockpit Office team are working tirelessly to make something happen for us studio holders.

In the mean time I will continue working on new pieces, supplying galleries around the country and updating my website. If you have any jewellery needs contact me via email on ellen@ellenmonaghan.net. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to find out the latest!